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Arpit Sharma : Gift for my 18 yr old. Good quality. He loved it.
Egbert Nijland : Love these filters. I use them in my drip coffee maker, just fold over bottom to fit. They have improved the flavor so much.
Alice Docherty : I purchased two of these and was very pleased with the quality and timeliness of the shipping. I am going to order another one or two. I would be impossible to make these yourself for this price let alone the investment of time.
Luke Perry : I have ordered the Patriots, Packers and Bears for my sons. They LOVE the helmets. They are not heavy at all, so my boys can run around and play in them. When they are not using them, I have them hung up in their rooms as sports memoribilia. The jersey to me is just an add on. It is poor quality and runs small. It also does not look like the players jersey in any way, so my boys do not wear them. I give the helmets 5 stars and the jersey 1 star.
Jody Marshall : just what i wanted thankyou
Andy Driffill : Plugged it in and no problems!

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